Kick boredom blues with this Untitled Goose Game app

untitled goose game app

At first look, the Untitled Goose Game seems pretty silly. But this game honked its way into our hearts as it allowed us to wreak havoc in the most bizarre way possible—as a goose. But what if the silly goose game got a new stage? Your computer, perhaps?

Eighteen-year-old Sam Chiet has created an app for Windows PC that brings the honking goose to your desktop. Yes, the goose will cause all sorts of trouble such as tracking mud all over your screen, honking (of course), and dragging memes and cartoons over your apps. Once in a while, the annoying bird will even grab your mouse pointer.

You’ll definitely be on your toes while you’re on your PC with this app installed. I tried installing the app and the goose took my mouse from me. Now it’s bringing memes onscreen as I type.

In an interview with The Verge, the app’s maker, Chiet, says he built the app in a few days. “I’m a big fan of things that are delightfully ridiculous, and that’s hopefully exactly what this is,” he shared. “It’s a little desktop ‘assistant’ whose sole purpose is to get in the way of your work, and people are responding to it.”

Download the desktop app here.

Catch a full review of the original Untitled Goose Game in Speed Magazine’s February 2020 issue.

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