Joe Pesci stars in new Google Home Alone-themed ad


If you loved the Google Home Alone ad last Christmas, get ready for some more nostalgia. After Macaulay Culkin, another Home Alone alum is starring in a new Super Bowl ad for the tech company.


Oscar-winning actor Joe Pesci, who starred as the lead villain in the 1990 film, reprises his role as the bad guy Harry. But this time, he’s no longer plotting against Culkin’s Kevin McAllister. Instead, he’s watching the Google Home Christmas commercial that featured Kevin’s Google Assistant-equipped home.



Over the past fifteen years, Pesci has appeared only in a handful of movies, and this fact makes his appearance all the more fun and nostalgic. Aside from Home Alone, the actor has starred in Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and The Good Shepherd. Moreover, Pesci will be making his return this 2019 in Netflix’s The Irishman.


The clip, released on Google’s social media accounts, is part of Google’s campaign for its home products. His big moment in the first ad was his one-liner, “Better get out of here before somebody sees us.” In the newer spot, Pesci and his friends erupt in excitement with this line. “I nailed it. I did,” Pesci adds as the clip ends.


What did you think about this new ad? We know we’re looking forward to more nostalgia-inducing videos from Google featuring Home Alone and the Google Assistant.


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