Japanese luxury appliance maker Balmuda introduces its first-ever smartphone


Japanese luxury appliance maker Balmuda has launched its first-ever smartphone on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

Aptly called “Balmuda Phone,” the device was first announced last May and now joins the company’s lineup of high-priced domestic equipment headlined by the famous steam-powered Balmuda The Toaster.


The most striking feature of the Balmuda Phone is its small build which, as 9to5Google notes, quaintly combines the size of 2009’s Palm Pre with the curving plastic of the HTC One X released way back 2012.

Developed in partnership with Japanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera, the Balmuda Phone sports a 4.9-inch display with 1080p resolution and an 8MP punch-hole selfie camera on the upper right corner. It has a unique curved back that encompasses a 48MP rear camera and fingerprint sensor right across it.

The 5G smartphone comes with custom software that puts together Android 11 with original apps, including calendar and calculator. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 765 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, as well as a 2,500mAh battery that charges via USB-C or wirelessly.

Balmuda said that the phone will only be available to Japan residents for JP¥104,800 (approximately P46,100) on Balmuda’s online store, company-operated shops, and SoftBank Corp.’s mobile phone outlets. Pre-order has opened on November 17, while shipment is scheduled for November 26. No word yet on its availability in the Philippines or other countries.


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