Instagram is developing a TikTok-like vertical feed for Stories


Instagram is planning to give Stories a makeover, which will give it a more TikTok-like experience. Currently, users view Stories through taps and horizontal swipes, but soon, we might be sliding vertically to watch through the short videos.

Turning Stories into a vertical feed will be a big change. We might see a shift from static content in Stories and instead see more video posts over images in the section.

A developer first dug up the feature from Instagram’s source code, who shared the discovery on Twitter. However, Paluzzi said the feature is not live yet.

A representative from Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that this change is in the works. “This is an early prototype and is not currently testing on Instagram,” they said.

Are you in favor of the vertical Stories feed or do you like the way the section works now?

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