Instagram adds new Boomerang effects

The rise of TikTok is upon us. Users on the short video platform have served countless memes, coated with wacky effects and filters. To rival this, Instagram launched new effects for Boomerang videos, including SlowMo, Echo, and Duo special effects.

“Your Instagram camera gives you ways to express yourself and easily share what you’re doing, thinking or feeling with your friends,” a Facebook company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“Boomerang is one of the most beloved camera formats and we’re excited to expand the creative ways that you can use Boomerang to turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.”

To use the new effects, just swipe right on Instagram to open the camera. Then, swipe left on the shutter to go to Boomerang. Once you have shot your Boomerang, tap on the infinity symbol on top of the screen to check out the effects.

Here’s what the new effects do, according to TechCrunch:

  • SlowMo – Reduces Boomerangs to half-speed so they play for two seconds in each direction instead of one second.
  • Echo – Adds a motion blur/double vision effect so a translucent trail appears behind anything moving.
  • Duo – Rapidly rewinds the clip to the beginning with a glitchy, digitized look.
  • Trimming – Shorten your Boomerang with similar controls to iPhone’s camera roll or the Instagram feed video composer.

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