Infinix INBook X1 review: A solid budget laptop


I remember the first months of the pandemic when lockdown was announced and everyone scrambled to get a hold of a laptop or a tablet for their study- and work-from-home arrangements. It was brutal! Prices were sky high, webcams and accessories were sold out, and there was almost no time to evaluate before purchasing because time was of the essence.

It’s now our second year in lockdown but nothing much has changed. A lot of people are still working from home, face-to-face classes are still suspended. And more than ever, the value of technology has been highlighted and appreciated. 

Smartphones have become an essential. Almost all purchases can be paid electronically, and social media has become the ultimate destination for information and congregation. Infinix, as a smartphone company, enjoyed this boom. They offer budget options for Filipinos who want stylish and capable smartphones that can handle their 24/7 mobile usage. 

But now, they’re ready to offer more. Enter their very first laptop: the Infinix INBook X1

Solid first impressions

To those who were patient or lucky enough to not have to plunge into the laptop and gadget craze of 2020, you’ll be more than happy to have the option now of getting more value out of your money with the INBook X1. For only P24,990 for the Intel Core i3 model and P31,990 for the Intel Core i5 model, you can purchase this beautiful and solid workhorse and get so much good specs. 

First off, it’s built beautifully. It’s almost impossible to find a laptop at this price range that looks this premium. It has a sleek aluminum chassis with a nice textured detailing at the front, so you won’t look like you’re carrying a budget laptop around.

It’s thin at 16.3 inches, with screen bezels that are just as slim to give you the most display size. 

While it comes in eye-catching red and green variants, the gray variant that was sent to us for review is probably the classiest of them all. Infinix certainly understood the assignment and made the INBook X1 the aesthetic pick of the season.

Display-wise, its 14-inch 100% sRGB screen is a delight. Color contrast is better than average, giving you amazing watch and play time. The display itself can be pushed back up to 180 degrees, which is delightful.

The keyboard is not the best, but it’s also not bad. Definitely better than its budget counterparts, so you’ll get used to it in no time. 

Reliable ports and performance

One of the things I also really liked about this laptop is its generosity with its ports. Even though the INBook X1 is sleek and compact, they made no shortcuts when it comes to fitting in as much as ports as they can, which is a delight for someone who likes to plug in multiple accessories all at once. 

On the left, you’ll find the AC adapter, HDMI 1.4, USB-A 3.0, USB-C w/ DisplayPort and Power Delivery, USB-C w/o DisplayPort and Power Delivery, and a camera kill switch if you’re the sort of person who feels like the government is spying on your every move.

On the right, there’s a microSD card reader, a 3.5mm jack, USB-A 2.0, USB-A 3.0, and Kensington lock.

Since you have a lot of ports, it’s easy to upgrade or tailor fit this laptop to your specific needs and use. Put it up on a laptop stand and plug in a mechanical keyboard and mouse and you’re ready to play some games. Just be sure to get the Intel Core i5 variant so you’ll have access to more solid games. 

In fact, you can accomplish photo and video editing tasks smoothly with the i5 variant. Pretty solid performance for a laptop of this price, if you ask us.

A reliable work-anywhere and study-from-home machine

What truly makes the Infinix X1 worth the buy is that it gives you more than you’re expecting it to do and positions itself as a reliable laptop for your work-anywhere and study-from-home needs.

For students who are learning from home, this laptop will get you through your coursework and Zoom classes with no problems, since it comes with a very decent 720p webcam, a non-crappy built-in microphone, and a surprisingly loud speaker. While your parents won’t be super happy you’ll be installing games on your school laptop, you can still get away with it thanks to its solid CPU power. 

For those who need it for work, it’s so easy to carry around at 1.48kg so you can take your work with you anywhere. It’s also nice to bring out in meetings because it will hold itself up next to a MacBook.

If you’re not doing any heavy apps, the Infinix X1 can get you through the day. But if you’re low on juice, a one-hour charge will get you back up to 70% with no fuss. Since the charger is also so compact and uses a USB-C, you can cut down on wires that you need to pack and just use it to charge your phone as well. A slight letdown was that while it uses a USB-C cable, sadly, you can’t charge the laptop yet on a power bank. 

Speed says

Ultimately, I can say that the Infinix INBook X1 is a well-rounded and solid machine that gives you more than you pay for. Since this is Infinix’s first laptop offering, I can’t attest yet to how durable this laptop will hold compared to more established brands. But if you can get a solid three years on this laptop, you’ve made a really good, worthwhile purchase.

Words and photos Jovi Figueroa


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