Illest celebrates 10 years of dominating the street lifestyle scene

Illest is celebrating its 10th birthday, and it’s definitely sick.


The year was 1999. Mark Arcenal birthed Fatlace, a blog fueled by elements from the hip-hop and art scene. Eventually, it grew to cater to the automotive scene, defining today’s automotive subculture. Continuing to break barriers, Fatlace became the go-to place for all things trending and hot in today’s fast-moving lifestyle.


When Arcenal celebrated Fatlace‘s 10th birthday, he shook the world when he introduced a brand that would define the street lifestyle. Still following Fatlace‘s lifestyle interests, the newly unveiled brand Illest grew to become a name recognized around the world. Every day, the Illest brand inspires people that “None but ourselves can free our minds.“ Moreover, Illest as a brand highlights the boldness and simplicity and allowing one to feel self- empowered.


Presently, the street style label is still consistently growing and evolving. This 2019, Fatlace is celebrating 20 years of rich history, while Illest is partying its 10 years as a pillar of the street lifestyle we know today.


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