Huawei rolls out e-scooter with HarmonyOS support in China


Huawei has kickstarted its move into electronic mobility with the launch of the first product in its Leqi e-mobility series: the LEQI Smart Electronic Scooter.

Unveiled last November 11 in China, the e-scooter features a smart gyroscope on-board, which the smartphone maker claims to be the first of its kind in the world.

The mechanism assures users better safety while driving, as it comes with intelligent altitude detection, anti-flying, and intelligent speed regulation for up and downhill.

Other key features are Bluetooth module and support for HarmonyOS Connect. As Gizmochina notes, the LEQI Smart Electric Scooter only needs to be within 0.5m of the smartphone or other connected gadget in order to unlock the vehicle and automatically turn on the “Welcome” lighting effect.

As for the vehicle’s build, the LEQI Smart Electronic Scooter is equipped with 9-inch Chaoyang automotive-grade high-elasticity vacuum explosion-proof tires, which can effectively reduce turbulance.

It packs a 350Wbrushless motor and has a maximum output power of 630W, speed limit of 25km/h, and a climbing gradient of 15% for 75 kg of weight.

The vehicle is powered by a 10.4Ah ternary lithium battery with a battery life of 40km and IPX7 waterproof capability. 

Rounding up its safety features are the LED lights in front, red taillights on the back, as well as decorative lights on both sides. It is also has an ambient light sensor, which detects the surrounding light level and automatically turns on the headlamps in a low-light environment.

The LEQI Smart Electronic Scooter is retailing at ¥2,399 (~P18,800) in China. No word yet on its availability in other regions.

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