Huawei is offering a new Special Warranty Program

A new warranty program will ensure the functionality of Google applications on Huawei devices.

In a bid to assure its users, Huawei announced a Special Warranty Program, which will cover upcoming purchases of Huawei phones. This announcement comes on the heels of US restrictions on the Chinese tech giant.

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The devices covered by this warranty are expected to have no problems in using Google services and apps like Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Chrome, and YouTube. Even non-Google applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are expected to be accessible.

Here’s the kicker: Huawei is assuring users that if these apps do not function, they will provide a 100 percent refund on the device.

Users can avail of this warranty with any purchase of a current Huawei smartphone. For those interested, here are some of Huawei’s participating retail partners: FoneRange, TekPone, Presnet, MemoXpress, Rulls, IntoGadgets, Intellicom, TechnoMobile, and Guanzon Group of Companies.


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