Huawei Ascend G610: G is for good

Huawei is hard at work trying to penetrate the crowded smartphone market and the Ascend G610 is their latest entry in the midrange space.

First, a caveat: The dual-SIM G610 is priced at ₱8,950, so set your expectations accordingly. That said, you get a device packed with basic features expected of a smartphone these days. This handset is made of plastic but surprisingly feels solid and comfortable in the hand. There’s a 5-inch IPS qHD display with 220 ppi. It may not be densely packed, but it’s actually not as bad as it seems. The image quality is decent, the viewing angle is good, and colors appear vibrant. However, using it outdoors is a different story altogether; colors are washed out and you can barely see what’s on your screen.

The 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM ensure that switching between apps is smooth, but resource-hungry apps and games will definitely slow down the performance. The internal memory is paltry but is thankfully expandable via microSD card—and you should definitely spring for one to be able to make the most out of your device.

The 5MP rear camera is average at best. Color, saturation, and sharpness are decent, but you need to be totally still when taking pictures. The main camera also records good 720p videos. Forget about using the front-facing camera for selfies, though. VGA-resolution cameras are so 2010.

The 2150mAh battery will easily give you a full day with normal usage, but having Wi-Fi on for 7-8 hours will drain the juice out of your device.

The Ascend G610 is a decent midrange phone with ample processing power for average users. However, there are other smartphones in the same price range that offer better performance.

Review by Katrina Rivere-Diga

First published in Speed February 2014

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