HP Ink Tank delivers superior print quality over competition

Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab (BLI)’s recent study proves that HP Ink Tank printers produce superior print image quality versus inkjet models. During the evaluation, BLI tested the printers’ color and black prints and copies to compare density and visual quality.

Results reveal that the Ink Tank printers deliver vibrant colors with images and text, even in draft mode. Furthermore, lines are smoother, fine details are clearer, and colors are brighter. Using the printer’s copy mode also yielded similar results.

Living up to the “tank” in its name, these HP printers can print up to 8,000 color or 6,000 black pages. Its prints don’t fade quickly and documents can last up to 22 times longer than most.

In terms of setup and installation, the ink tank takes the cake, too. Its refill bottles are designed to avoid spills. Users don’t need to squeeze the bottle to get the ink out of the container. In addition to having fewer components, the HP Ink Tank printer can print wirelessly from the smartphone app.

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