How To: Take standout pictures of your food with Vivo V11

As the famous modern saying goes, “If you didn’t Instagram it, did it even happen?”

Thanks to the continuous development of smartphone camera technology and the availability of social media platforms, taking pictures of almost every single moment of your life and sharing them to your network of friends, family, and audience have become easier and more convenient.The food you eat is not an exception to this habit we all have developed in the digital age.

We take photos of our food before consuming it for various reasons: it can be to record moments of pleasure, appreciate the hard work and labor of love of the cook, or to simply immerse oneself in local culture and share it to your social network.

To stand out from a sea of food photos on social media, your shots must be exceptional. The futuristic Vivo V11 shows you how it is done with these essential food photography tips:


Tip #1: Use your camera’s grid setting

For the right composition of photos, the rule of thirds is important. Position a subject along these lines to create more dynamism and interest in the composition. An off-center composition is more appealing to the eye and seems more natural than one where the subject is placed right in the center of the frame. It also inspires you to maximize negative space.


The Vivo V11 features a grid setting so you can apply the Rule of Thirds for well-balanced food shots.


Tip #2: Find the right angles

Playing with the camera angle is one of the techniques to add variety to your feed. There are several camera angles that one may experiment with to boost your artistry such as the eye-level, worm’s-eye view, and the bird’s eye view.


The V11’s AI camera features allow the user to take great photos from different angles.


The Eye-Level Angle is the most standard way to take a photo, as it is the way we view most subjects every day. This perspective enables the viewers to feel closer; it invokes a sense of intimacy and compassion. Meanwhile the Worm’s-Eye View is the angle wherein the photographer takes a photo from below. It makes the subject look big, even if they are not. Shots like these make it appear as if the subject has the authority over the viewer and make them feel powerless. Finally, there’s the Bird’s-Eye View, where you take a photo of a subject from above. This angle makes the viewers feel that they are superior to the subject.


Tip #3: Use natural lighting

Being highly aware of light is probably the most fundamental way to enhance your photography skills. Access to exceptional lighting can up the ante of your photo and create a big change to the subject’s overall look.



If in a low-lit place, the V11’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature can adjust to capture detail and perfect exposure. Its AI Low Light Mode enhances brightness in low light conditions while retaining rich details. It captures up to six images and combines them into one to make your photo more vivid.


Tip #4: Add props

Add life and set an atmosphere to the photo by adding vibrant props to your scene. It can add character to a photo or strengthen the context of the scene. It can also be used to convey the message into an image. Utilizing props may also tests and improve your creative skills.


Tip #5: Don’t use flash, don’t zoom manually

Using the flash will make the photos look washed-out or too pale. You want colorful and lively photos when ‘Gramming those delicious food.



Meanwhile, when you zoom manually, the photo becomes pixelated and noisy. Good thing the V11 has dual camera that features a large aperture of f1/8. It also has AI Scene Recognition which applies customized enhancements to any objects to make photos “pop”.


Bonus tip: Use the Vivo V11

To be able to get perfect food shots, use V11 in all your food adventures. The V11’s AI Dual Camera features a 12MP + 5MP dual rear camera combination. The main camera sports a large f/1.8 aperture and 1.28μm pixels. This strong combination boosts photosensitivity in low light situations. The front camera has a massive, industry-leading 25MP super high-resolution sensor for excellent photo quality. In addition, DSLR-standard Dual-Pixel Autofocus technology helps you lock focus in just 0.03 seconds.


The Vivo V11 is now available in all Vivo concept and multi-brand stores, as well as on official stores on Lazada, Shopee, and Argomall.


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