How to set up your Hisense Smart TV for online learning

Online learning in the new normal has its challenges. But adequate preparation and the right equipment can help make virtual education easier for students, teachers, and parents as well. Laptops and mobile devices may be top of mind when preparing for online classes, but did you know that your smart TV is a great tool for learning, too?

In these uncertain times, TVs are proving to be a versatile home essential, providing so much more than just entertainment. Kids and teens can watch educational programs and also access content on the Web using this smart appliance.

Setting up a smart TV for online learning is easy, especially when the screen comes with advanced functions and capabilities. Various models from Hisense’s lineup are equipped with Anyview Cast feature, which allows you to stream online learning materials wirelessly to your TV from your laptops and mobile phones.

On your Windows computer

  • Connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi your TV is connected to.
  • Go to the Action Center > select Project > choose either Duplicate (to mirror your device screen onto the TV) or Extend (make your TV act as a second monitor).
  • Select Connect to a Wireless Display then choose your TV.

On your Android phone

  • Connect your Android to the same Wi-Fi your TV is connected to.
  • From your Hisense TV, open Anyview Cast.
  • From your Android device, open Settings > select Screen share, Dual-screen, or Screencast. Look for your Smart TV and connect.

To cast without Wi-Fi, select source on your Hisense remote and select Anyview cast and follow the same steps above. You can also connect your laptop/device with an HDMI cable.

The Hisense A6505 4K ULED Smart TV is a great option for anyone looking for a TV for distance learning. This screen comes in 55- and 65-inch models. The large display will help prevent your kids from squinting during e-learning.

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