How To: Save time, money, and energy with an on-demand delivery partner

Small businesses thrive today thanks to the various platforms that allows it to easily promote and sell their products online at little to no cost at all. It does away the need to put up a physical store, which would cost an insane amount of money without the assurance of success.

But once your business gets traction and reach more potential customers, your products must be readily available for distribution and purchase. What you will need is a reliable logistics unit to deliver and distribute your products to franchisee and customers.



Don’t worry. You can sit back and relax because on-demand delivery service Lalamove brings the solution to your doorstep and help you scale your business the hassle-free way.


But first!

What is an on-demand delivery partner, you ask? Solving your business logistic woes, on-demand delivery partners are basically on-call teams that offer immediate delivery services. You don’t even need to be a big company to get their service.

There are various platforms that offer on-demand delivery service to businesses in Metro Manila today, and Lalamove is one of them.


Do I need an on-demand delivery partner?

To reach new customers in a breeze and grow your business faster, of course. Through an on-demand delivery partner, you could save money, time, and energy–which you can now direct toward developing your products and services more.


What to look for:

Not all on-demand delivery services are created equal. Here the important things to consider in choosing your delivery partner:

There’s no point if the delivery costs more than what you’ll earn, so you should get a partner that gives the most cost-effective packages for your business.


You’ll never know how much (and many) will your next orders be. Your on-demand delivery service must have a wide array of of vehicle options available so you can pick the right vehicle for the job.

Scheduling and paying for deliveries, as well as other processes must be fluid and hassle-free. You should be able to track your deliveries, receipts should be available for bookkeeping, and online payment options should be available for easier transactions.

Your delivery partner must also be available 24/7 all over Metro Manila. Because if not, is it really an on-demand delivery service?


Aside from the cost and efficiency, it’s also important to check your delivery partner’s effectiveness. Know their track record and fulfillment rate to avoid encountering any problems like undelivered products or late deliveries.


Why choose Lalamove?


Lalamove checks off everything on the list of what to look for in an on-demand delivery partner by offering reliable services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Plus, their professional drivers are trained to handle products with utmost care and deliver them at breakneck speeds (Lalamove claims a maximum delivery time of 55 minutes).

You also get reasonable prices for their service as Lalamove employs distance-based rates instead of time-based. This means no surges and you can plan your delivery cost properly.

In addition, Lalamove has a multi-stop feature so you can get all your deliveries in one go. They now also serve all of Metro Manila and nearby places, down to Los Ba├▒os, up to Pandi, Bulacan and Angono and Gen. Rodriguez to the east.

Lastly, Lalamove boasts a 99.5 percent fulfillment rate. Beat that!


You can avail of Lalamove’s service with just a few taps on your phone when you download the Lalamove app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). Go to to know more.


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