How To: Make your smartphone truly yours

Nothing says that a smartphone is truly yours more than when you customize it.

Nothing says that a smartphone is truly yours more than when you customize it. Whether with cases and stickers for its body or vibrant wallpapers on the screen, it’s always fun to add your own flair to your gadgets.

Want to amp up your beloved phone? We’ve got that covered. Read on as we list our favorite customizable features, applications, and accessories that will make your smartphone scream YOU.

Change up your screen

If you’re getting bored with the current state of your Android’s interface, switch it up with a fresh launcher. Installing a new launcher allows you to customize your app drawer, home screen, widgets, and icons. 

Setting up a launcher is easy as pie. Just visit the Google Play Store and choose from a selection of free and paid launcher apps. We suggest you check out the Nova Launcher. While the app’s free version offers a ton of options, its Prime version allows you to customize almost everything on the launcher. 

The next step is to brighten up your phone with icons that reflect your personality. From sleek and simple to quirky and colorful, there are a lot of icon packs online. 

If nostalgia is your aesthetic, the PixBit Pixel Icon Pack is the one for you. This icon pack brings a retro charm to your modern smartphone with its pixelated-designed colorful icons. In addition, this app carries 20 pixel art wallpapers and retro-looking widgets.

Complete your smartphone’s look with a stylish wallpaper. Although you can easily download any photo from the Web and use it as your wallpaper, high resolution isn’t guaranteed. Instead, opt for apps that offer packs of wallpapers that will give your phone a stylish look. Tapet has a selection of wallpapers to choose from. The free app generates different patterns, images, and colors you can modify.

If you’re eager to customize more, just look in the Play Store for apps that will modify other phone features like your keyboard, notification light colors, ringtone, and gestures.

Pair it with the perfect gadget

Stamp your name on your device by coupling it with accessories and gadgets that are both fun and functional. You can elevate your smartphone with Bluetooth earphones, fitness trackers, VR headsets, and game controllers.

Improve your Android device’s performance

Customization does not stop at aesthetics. Own your Android by going through its settings to optimize its performance. This means you can manage your battery life, storage space, and more so your phone won’t have the upper hand over you.

Frustrated over those times when your phone lags or drains the battery? Some apps run in the background, so you should remember to quit them and limit their activities in your settings. In addition, a smartphone out of its box contains a lot of pre-installed apps. Make more space on your phone by deleting the ones that you won’t use.

This story was first published in Speed Magazine’s February 2019 issue. Words Ayie Licsi.

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