How to listen to music together online


Miss going to gigs and concerts with your pals to listen to your favorite artists? For now, while under quarantine, you have to settle with sharing music with people online. And if you want to stream the same album or playlist with a friend at the same time, you can. You simply need a Discord app on your phone or PC.

In a few simple steps, it’ll be like you and your bud are sitting in the same room, listening to the same track. If you’re racking your brain for quarantine date ideas, make plans to listen to music together.

Once you’ve got Discord installed, create a server and invite a friend. Then, add a music bot of your choice. If you want to play songs from Spotify, go add the Groovy bot to your server. To start playing music, you have to be connected to the voice channel.

There are a few commands that you have to learn so you can stream music. One of the basics is to type in “-play [song name].” To cut playback, just type “-stop.”

If you want to queue a playlist you created on Spotify, just switch to the app and copy the playlist’s link. Then type in “-play” and paste the link you copied.

Besides Spotify, Groovy can play music on YouTube, SoundCloud, and more.

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