How to have a safe, secure user experience on TikTok

It’s easy to get lost scrolling through social media—looking at pictures, watching funny videos, and reading youro friends’ posts. But one thing you should always keep in mind is that the time you spend online shouldn’t just be fun and relaxing. More importantly, you should be safe and secure when you’re online. To do this, you need to practice online etiquette and make sure that the privacy controls of the apps you use are properly set.

To maintain a secure, positive, and welcoming environment for all, TikTok allows its users to be in control of their safety while on the app.

Check out these five tips for a safe and secure user experience:

  1. Keep your security settings updated. In only three steps, you can easily tweak each of the commenting, direct messaging, and duet settings on TikTok. You may find these in the Privacy and Settings menu on your profile.
  2. Put extra thought into your profile. Reveal just enough to let people learn more about who you are and what you post about. But also, avoid sharing details that might put your online and offline safety at risk, such as your daily schedule, bank information, and passwords and PINs.
  3. Post positive content. Do your part in creating a happy online environment by choosing to post content that is positive and meaningful.
  4. Filter your comments. Automatically filter out certain words from your comments. Keyword filters give you a say in how people reply to your posts, and help keep negativity off your feed.
  5. Report inappropriate behavior. With TikTok’s in-app reporting feature, you can easily flag any users or content that make you or others uncomfortable. When you do this, you are also contributing to the wellbeing of the entire TikTok community.


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