How To: Get the best deals out of your hotel stay

Planning a weekend getaway with a loved one, your family, or your friends? Prepare your wallets to spend on transportation, food, and of course, accommodation. The last one drills a pretty big hole in the bank account, especially if you choose to stay in a hotel—a decent one, at least. It only follows then that you’d want to get the most bang out of your buck, and get the best deals you can have during your brief excursion.

Anybody with a Wi-Fi connection can book a decent room, that’s a given. It’s how deftly you make your decisions that save you the most money when booking your hotel stay. Here are some tips on how you can do just that. 

Communicate with the hotel directly

There are deals that are more cost-effective once you make contact with the hotel yourself. Reservation agents may only have a set number of rooms when, in fact, the hotel actually has  more available.

Ask if there’s a more affordable deal

There’s no harm in trying. You can ask if the hotel has any promotions or packages in place that could slash expenses. See if any of the rates apply: senior, family, hotel membership, or government discount. 

Check hotel websites for the best deals

Hotel chains often withhold their better rooms for people who visit their websites. An understated fact of booking with hotels directly is that you get slightly better customer service. Hotels earn more of a profit via direct bookings because they need not pay a commission.

Consider getting a package deal

If you’re planning on getting both airfare and a hotel, you can book online and see if it’s offered as a package deal. This may whittle down hotel options, but you can definitely save significantly more if airfare expenses are reduced.

Ditch the big chain hotels 

You don’t always have to go for a 4- or 5-star hotel, especially if you’ll be out all day on tours. The important thing is that your lodging is safe, secure, and clean. Of course, decent service is also a must. If you’re willing to consider alternatives to hotels—bed-and-breakfast, hostel, or vacation rental—you could pay a fraction of the price. There would be less expenses and the more intimate setup might just buy you more intimacy!

Follow up on your booking

Don’t be too complacent once you’ve landed the ideal booking. Call back to see if rates have gone down and if you can avail of it. If they have, you can always cancel and rebook at a lower rate. 

Enjoy your company and the little things

The endgame of it all is to enjoy, isn’t it? Then you’ve got to understand it’s not always about getting to lavish yourselves with the perfect room and the best grub. Remember you’re away to have a fine time by yourself or with your loved ones. And that’s priceless.

Words Fidel Feria. First published in Speed Magazine’s April 2019 issue.

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