How to do teleconsultations using your GCash app


While we’ve all done our best to adjust our routines and habits to take better care of ourselves and our loved ones, when it comes to actual medical concerns, it still gets challenging. During this pandemic, the risk of being exposed in a hospital or clinic to get the needed healthcare sometimes feels greater than the benefit of getting help—not to mention the cost of consultations and conflicts in our daily schedules when trying to book appointments. And so as much as possible, we want to avoid having to attend face-to-face sessions especially for non-emergency cases.

Which is why telehealth services are a godsend. KonsultaMD, a subscription-based service, is now made even more accessible through GLife inside the GCash app. It allows you to have 24/7 unlimited access to licensed doctors either via voice call or video call with no prior appointment needed.

How to access KonsultaMD on your GCash app

Log in or sign up via GLife. Open your GCash app, tap the GLife icon, and search for KonsultaMD. Once you access the interface, tap the profile icon and sign up for free if you don’t have an existing account yet.

Choose your plan. Choose from a selection of affordable personal or family plans made with your needs in mind. Find the best plan for you based on your budget, desired inclusions, number of users, and consultation service.

Seamless and hassle-free payments with GCash. Once you’ve chosen a plan, simply tap the checkout button and easily pay for it using GCash. Just make sure you have sufficient balance to cover the cost of your chosen plan. Immediately after purchase, you will receive an SMS with a temporary voucher code. This code—valid for two days—allows you to consult a doctor right away while your purchased plan is being activated.

Talk with a doctor. Whatever the medical concern, KonsultaMD has a pool of trusted licensed doctors you can turn to anytime—from general practitioners to specialists, including psychiatrists and psychologists. Simply call the hotline (02) 7798 8000 or download the KonsultaMD app, log in with your nominated PIN, and select “Talk To A Doctor.”

Here are the benefits you can get when you sign up to KonsultaMD:

  • e-Prescription
  • e-Laboratory requests
  • e-Medical certificates
  • general health information
  • proper medication
  • mental health


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