How to deal when your fave TV show gets canceled

So your favorite TV show got canceled. First, we would like to say we’re sorry for your loss. It’s a terrible yet natural occurrence in the TV industry. Many a show running its course, even popular ones, get the rug pulled from under their feet. Usually, the TV executives are to blame. Sometimes, compelling storylines and good writing aren’t enough to keep series on the air. Execs can be fickle this way.

Coping with the untimely end of your favorite TV series is like moving on from a breakup. It’ll sting and hurt at first but eventually, you’ll find something new. Someday, it won’t hurt as much when you’re re-watching and recounting your favorite moments from it.

While you’re still in the healing process, here are some tips on how to deal with your show getting canceled.

Go online

It’s time to put your keyboard mashing skills to the test. Take to social media or your blog (if you have one) to write out your thoughts and emotions on the matter. If video is more of your thing, then do a vlog or create a tribute video or “best of” compilation. Channel your sadness into creativity. Express your opinions about the matter, but always remember to keep it classy.

Join the #petition

Some shows amass a following that turns into what the kids call a “fandom” these days. These people are typically very passionate about their favorites. In fact, some are so passionate that they call on the networks to bring the shows back on air.

Sense8, for example, is a Netflix series which got its plug pulled during its second season. Fans voiced their opinions and petitioned Netflix to bring back the show on social media, and eventually, Netflix caved. Thanks to the clamoring fans, the show got to return for a a two-hour series finale. Maybe this can happen for your beloved series, too.

Play the waiting game

In other occasions, a canceled show gets saved by another network when they see the series’ potential. This is the case for many shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, One Day At A Time, Designated Survivor, and more. Finding a new home for TV shows takes time, though. What fans can do is wait, hope and pray to the TV gods that their show will go on.

Find a rebound

If the tips above don’t work for you, maybe you need a different coping mechanism – moving on. Look for a show with a similar theme or genre. Or maybe you can look for another program starring the same actor/actress so it won’t feel as new.

Here’s another option – take a break from TV. Look for a different hobby in the mean time to distract yourself from the cancellation.

At the end of the day, it’s just TV. You’ll find other shows to fall in love with and then someday, re-watching previous episodes won’t hurt as much.

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