5 ways to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones online


Christmas isn’t complete without family. Many of us may not be with them in person amid the pandemic, but thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways we can still feel like we’re together.

Get together with your family and loved ones this Christmas with Speed’s top virtual ways of celebrating the holidays from a distance.

1. Throw a virtual Christmas party


Bring that traditional Christmas fun to the new normal by holding your very own virtual holiday party through TeamBuilding.

The online party service offers a 90-minute holiday-themed event full of fun activities on any virtual platform of your choice. Activities include icebreakers, a holiday trivia and scavenger hunt, a gratitude ceremony, and a buffer time for you and your family to have an intimate time together.

TeamBuilding’s parties are usually priced at US$30 to US$50 (approx. P1,500 to P2,500) per person, depending on the number of attendees or how fancy you want your celebration to be.

2. Stream movies together


Stream your favorite shows together this Christmas with Teleparty. It has a synchronized video playback and chat room so you can bond while enjoying your favorite shows — all for free.

Start with the Christmas classics like Home Alone for a trip back memory lane or watch Love Hard, starring Nina Dobrev, for a movie that hits close to home with the popularity of online dating sites. Teleparty streams shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO, provided that you have a subscription to these apps.

To get started, install Teleparty as an extension to your browser, and pin it to your browser toolbar. Open a video, create a teleparty, then send the link to your loved ones.

3. Create a holiday ecard


Can’t find the perfect Christmas postcard? Customize your own Christmas card and make it special with Smilebox.

Pick your ecard design and personalize it however you like. You can add photos, music, and text to send good vibes to your family and loved ones. Just sign up to the website, click “Get Started”, and choose the ecard that you’d like to personalize.

The website offers three membership tiers: free, premium (US$14.99 or P755 per month), and pro (US$29.99 or P1,510 per month). All offer unlimited creations, but options to download them and share them on social media are only given to paid subscribers.

4. Play festive games

Play virtual games online to perk up your Christmas celebrations. Check out Drawize, an online pictionary where you can draw and guess with your family.

Why not play Bingo with your loved ones? Bingo Maker allows you to create your own bingo cards with any topic you like. You can also have an interactive game with the Christmas Songs Quiz available on YouTube that you can stream and play together as a fam.

5. Send a Christmas playlist

Have a merry celebration with your favorite songs and Christmas hits with a Spotify playlist. Add as many songs as you like, make a title for it, and send it to your loved ones to stream songs together.

For more details on how to make a Spotify playlist, click this link and enjoy!

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