How to be a smarter online shopper

Everybody loves a good sale. You know the monthly sales on Shopee and Lazada are coming. While everybody has their fingers ready to tap add to cart on a roster of gizmos and gadgets, you shouldn’t be quick to follow. Yes, promos are very tempting, but you’ve got to be a smart online shopper. If that item on sale is a fake or faulty, will it be worth the buck?

Fear not, online shopper! Speed’s got tips that’ll teach you tips on buying gadgets, gizmos, and more on your favorite e-commerce sites.

Know what you want

A little research will never hurt. In fact, it can even do you good. Learn more about the gadget you want, especially its specs. When you look for the product on your preferred shopping platform, make sure the listing contains the specs. This way, you can compare prices and specs with other entries on the app. This is also a great security blanket for when you purchase and receive the gadget already. If the specs on it don’t match with what was specified, you can have a nice long chat with the seller.

Read the reviews

To avoid mishaps, read the reviews on the product. These come from people who have already bought the thing, so you might want to trust them. This’ll give you info on which sellers to avoid, too. So don’t go for that 2.5 star-rated goody even if it has the cheapest price.

Check out the seller

On Shopee and Lazada, you can view the seller’s profile and see the other products they carry. To make your online shopping go smoother, you should also message the seller for inquiries about the products. You can ask about warranties and even for pictures so you know what you’ll be getting your hands on.

If you’re worried about receiving fake tech, you can opt to shop from official stores. Many brands partner with online shops to give customers authentic merchandise.

Look for vouchers, promos, sales

Before the beginning of monthly sales, e-commerce platforms usually offer discount vouchers up for grabs. Get your hands on these as soon as you can, especially the free shipping ones. This way, you won’t feel as guilty when you see your checkout bill.

Pick your poison… I mean your payment method

When you’ve got everything you need (more like want) in your cart, make sure you pick the right payment method. Cash on Delivery is ideal if someone will always be home to receive your item. If you’re not sure if somebody will be there to receive your package, maybe just pay with your credit/debit card or with your e-wallet for less hassle.

Oh and you can also resist the urge to adding as many items to your cart while checking out, too.

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