How to enjoy crisp, clear, uninterrupted calls indoors


How many important calls have been cut, missed, or interrupted by poor indoor signal?

To help you keep in touch with one another and make sure that you can make and take unbroken calls during emergencies, important occasions, or work conversation, Globe is expanding its Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice Over Wifi (VoWifi) capabilities to more users.

Initially available in a few key areas in Luzon in December last year, Globe has steadily mounted the new technologies to larger areas across the country.

Postpaid customers can improve their voice calls by simply activating VoWiFi in their mobile phones. VoWiFi, also known as WiFi calling, amplifies network coverage in areas with poor signal quality, letting calls to be made through WiFi instead of through a mobile 3G/LTE network.

Meanwhile, with VoLTE, customers can enjoy high-definition voice calls while simultaneously gaming, streaming, or browsing over the LTE network.

Here’s how to turn on and use VoWiFi and VoLTE for free:

  1. For VoWifi, go to your phone’s Connection Settings > tap WiFi Calling, and turn on WiFi as your preferred calling preference.
  2. For VoLTE, go to your phone’s Connection Settings > tap Voice and Data, and activate VoLTE.

For more information about WiFi calling and VoLTE, click here.


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