How motorcycles bring people together in the new normal


Motorcycles have become essential tools in the new normal, serving as a safe and convenient way to travel during the quarantine. They’ve also brought people together amid these difficult times.

Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) shares the many benefits motorcycles give to riders. Here are some instances where connections between riders helped them and the community:

Motorcycle clubs

The number of riders in the country has grown over the years, and this meant many motorcycle clubs were established—and continues to be established—in different parts of the country. These clubs help riders share tips and tricks for their rides, build relationships through their shared love for bikes, and even help communities through charity.

Social media

Delivery couriers from food delivery apps and e-commerce websites gave people staying at home the convenience of having their daily needs without going out and risking their own safety. And since the start of the quarantine, riders started to provide their own services to people without access to delivery apps and websites.

Social media became a tool for riders through groups online and buy-and.//-sell pages to help microbusinesses deliver homemade food or sell items. Riders became go-to couriers for people in need of them, further widening their connections and relationships.

Before the pandemic, HPI used to hold Riders’ Conventions around the country. But since it isn’t recommended today, riders can join motorcycle clubs like Honda Genio Club Philippines, Honda Supra GTR150 Philippines, Honda AirBlade150 Team Red, AirBlade Riders Club Philippines, Inc. and other local Honda clubs.

The company recognizes the importance of motorcycles in people’s lives as an investment and as an instrument to help each other and further grow the community, especially during these times of uncertainty.

Explore Honda’s wide array of motorcycles at and join the online community on Facebook.

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