Honda donates motorcycle units to Philippine Red Cross

Honda Philippine Red Cross (5)

Honda Foundation, Inc. (HFI) recently donated to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) a total of 104 motorcycle units with insulated top box.

The Honda motorcycles will provide PRC a fast and high quality mode of transportation across its 104 Chapters all throughout the country. Thus, allowing the organization to quickly deliver humanitarian and life-saving services to communities in times of calamities, amidst the pandemic.

The 104 donated motorbikes include 52 units of Honda TMX125 Alpha and 52 units of Honda Wave 110 Alpha.

Honda Philippine Red Cross (1)

“We at Honda, are committed to supporting institutions that save Filipino lives like the Philippine Red Cross, in their duties and advocacies. We also see this as a way of giving back to the society where Honda operates,” Mr. Susumu Mitsuishi, HFI Member of the Board of Trustees, said.

HFI is part of the Honda group of companies in the Philippines. It oversees and manages the company’s corporate social responsibility programs and activities. This includes promoting road safety, protecting the environment, supporting the youth, and addressing local community needs.

“This is also the Honda Group’s  way of taking a pro-active approach in addressing local community needs during calamities and national emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently grappling with,” Mr. Mitsuishi said.

The donation project is in line with Honda’s ONE DREAM campaign. This initiative aims to make Honda motorcycles as the tool in saving the lives, as well as helping institutions like the PRC by enabling the group to respond rapidly during crisis situations.

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