High-res renders of Huawei P50 leaked


After the Huawei P50 Pro renders were leaked in March, new high-resolution renders of Huawei’s upcoming P50 Pro have surfaced again. This time, the render shows the phone with a new rear camera module design that has a pair of circles with two lenses each.

The renders were done by tech YouTuber Waqar Khan, based on leaked schematics and rumors of the upcoming phone.

The Huawei P50 is expected to have a standard wide angle camera, an ultrawide, and a telephoto (non-periscope), while the P50 Pro will have a wide + periscope + ultrawide. The top-end P50 Pro+ is reportedly getting a wide + ultrawide + telephoto + periscope, and a 3D ToF camera.

The Huawei P50 is said to launch in four colors: white, beige, black, and blue.

The P50 series was expected to be launched by the end of March, but is now slated for a late April or possibly even May or June release.

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