Helpful hints for Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile is a refreshing take on a classic wherein players can seamlessly transition between the game’s five-on-five gameplay, and a Battle Royale mode. While it may be confusing at first, getting immersed into the game is pretty easy even for newbie players.

Here are some helpful reminders for those who want to try it out.

Prep is key

In multiplayer mode, players have the option to change loadouts in-between deaths. This is pretty helpful as players can assist their team in multiple ways depending on the situation of their current game. It all depends on the arsenal that the player has though. While it’s tempting to equip SMG’s and Assault Rifles in every slot when preparing a loadout, having a multiple setups that can adapt with any strategy is a must.

Experience points are rewarded after every game and comes with level up rewards that gets better as the players level increases. This unlocks new weapons, attachments, perks, etc. that players can use for a more personalized gameplay. Players will be notified that they have unlocked something new by an exclamation marker at the upper left side of their screen. 

Speaking of attachments, in-game weapons can only be equipped with up to 5 at a time. While it sounds limiting for some, this encourages players to be crafty in accessorizing their weapon of choice. There are a handful of options to choose from, but it’s highly recommended for players to focus more on reload time and accuracy, as ammunition can be compromised with the “vulture” perk.

Mind your map

Let’s talk about the Battle Royale mode. Despite being developed by Tencent, the same company who worked on PUBG mobile, Call of Duty managed to put a unique spin in to it by introducing classes, each with its own unique ability to help players survive the melee and be the last person standing. Players should be aware of what each class brings to the table as it can affect their gameplay as well as how they engage with others.

The game introduces zip lines which can be seen all across the maps. These are meant to be used for a faster, more efficient way to travel from various points, and it’s also a great way to scout other players who may be around the area. The elevation gives players a great vantage point, and the length of the zip line covers tons of ground. When there’s none available though, players can always glide from high places, there’s literally no way for a player to die from falling off high places. Fair warning though, the avatar is going to travel a bit fast, so players should be mindful of details such as small moving figures and hit marks, and prepare to engage in a fight upon landing. 

The entire field is filled with various crates to help players in their gameplay. Most are seen in highlighted areas on the map and are randomly generated, so the items inside are random every time. Regardless, it’s an awesome bonus for players to find, especially when it comes to tight situations during a fight. If a player fails to find one though, each avatar comes with a default survival knife to use in combat. 

Try out different modes

Call of Duty Mobile provides a lot of ways for players to enjoy and create their own experience. There are a lot more things to discover as the game promises to release more updates soon like new skins, new weapons, and even a new gameplay mode. It’s an amazing addition to the Call of Duty series that perfectly blends the past and future of FPS games.

Words Ant Sierra



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