After Sophia, Hanson Robotics introduces healthcare humanoid robot Grace

Reuters/Joyce Zhou

A year into the pandemic, Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics has introduced another masterwork that resembles its celebrity humanoid robot, Sophia. Meet Grace, a human-like healthcare droid set to bring ease to the elderly and those isolated by COVID-19.

As Reuters reports, Grace is dressed in a blue nurse’s uniform, has collar-length brown hair, Asian-like features, and a comforting demeanor, which was programmed according to the Asian-Western persona of anime characters.

“A human-like appearance facilitates trust and natural engagement because we are wired for human face-to-face interactions,” founder David Hanson told the outlet.

Reuters/Joyce Zhou

Grace is developed by Hanson Robotics in a joint venture with Singularity Studio called “Awakening Health.” Similar to Sophia, Grace can simulate the action of more than 48 major facial muscles and uses artificial intelligence to diagnose a patient. She can speak three languages: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Reuters/Tyrone Siu

On top of all these, Grace is built with features specifically targeted at healthcare, including a thermal camera in her chest to take your temperature and measure your responsiveness.

“I can visit with people and brighten their day with social stimulation … but can also do talk therapy, take bio readings and help healthcare providers,” Grace said while she stood next to her “sister,”¬†Sophia.


Hanson is planning to deploy Grace next year in locations including Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, and Korea. The cost of making the robots is currently equivalent to luxury car prices, but will decrease once they are manufactured in tens or hundreds of thousands in the coming years, Hanson added.

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