Google’s Startups Accelerator program aims to help Filipino businesses

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are taking their businesses to digital platforms, rethinking their strategies to offer innovative services and solve challenges in the new world.

To help local startups adapt and thrive in these times, Google has started a Startups Accelerator program. It will run from August 11 to November 12, 2020, gathering tech startups from all over Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

These are the enterprises looking to develop tech-driven solutions for their businesses. Participants will receive deep mentorship on both the business and technical fronts, as well as support from Google’s mentor network. They’ll also get access to Google’s AI/ML, Cloud, Android, and web experts.

In addition, the program will offer training and workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development.

Take the next step for your business and innovate your tech solutions. Apply now until July 19 for the Startups Accelerator by visiting this site.

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