Google’s Smart Display UI gets personalized features

Google showcased a more personalized Smart Display user interface (UI) at the company’s I/O 2019 last week. Users of the Google Nest Hub and other platforms that run Google’s Smart Display can expect visual changes soon. The new design was first demonstrated on the Nest Hub Max.

The changes give off a new feel through the background as users swipe through apps such as YouTube or Flipboard. Google’s latest update forgoes the bright wallpaper and replaced it with a blurred version of what is seen on the Ambient mode, which includes a clock or your images. This, however, applies only during your first tap since the white background comes back soon as users swipe to the following cards.

The Ambient Mode is retained as the default home screen, while the weather forecast was excluded from this latest update (although it will be accessible through the weather icon.) Additionally, the time and date style have been repositioned.

These changes stem, according to a Tech Radar story, in part from the preparation for the Nest Hub Max and making space for Duo call reminders that run alongside the Face Match ID technology.

Other Smart Displays manufactured by Lenovo and JBL will receive these changes in line with the new Google Home firmware version 1.39154941. The updates are also part of Google’s foundational efforts for the Nest Hub Max, which is expected to display Duo messages aided by facial recognition.


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