Google rolls out lightweight Gmail Go

Google has rolled out Gmail Go, a less bloated mail app designed to use less RAM and data. Mainly, this app optimizes the regular Gmail for lower-powered smartphones.

Like the rest of Google’s “Go” services, Gmail Go is designed for entry-level devices running Android Go. This version of the app brings a lighter Gmail experience, still offering the core features but will need less RAM and use less mobile data.

One of the biggest differences is the absence of Google Meet on the bottom bar as well as some gestures. The UI is also flatter and more basic than the regular Gmail, with no layering or shadows.

In addition, Google capped the framerate for the app, meaning that if the app is used on a device with a high refresh rate, it will stutter and lag. After all, Gmail Go is optimized for entry-level phones with low-end specs.

The lightweight app is available to both Android Go devices and regular devices running Android 10 or up. If you want to save space and data on your phone, Gmail Go is the way to go. But if you’re a power user, stick with the regular app.

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