Google Pixel’s new feature lets users automatically record and upload videos during emergency

Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Pixel users can now record and upload videos from their phone automatically during an emergency, with a new feature called “Emergency SOS” in its Personal Safety app.

The new security tool was released by Google as an update on the phone’s Personal Safety app on September 30.

First reported by XDA Developers, the feature can be activated simply by pressing the power button five times. The phone will then start capturing videos for as long as 45 minutes provided your phone’s storage still has available space. According to the portal, the average video size is about 10MB per minute of recording due to compression.

Video recordings can only be stopped once the 45-minute limit is reached or the user taps “stop” while the phone is unlocked.

If the phone’s connected to the internet, the file will be automatically uploaded on your Google account where it will be stored for seven days before it is deleted.

With the “Share Automatically” setting turned on in your app, the link of the video will be automatically sent to your designated list of emergency contact once the file has finished loading.

You can also continue using other functions of your phone while Emergency SOS is still running on the background. A notification icon and minimized viewfinder will simply pop up to tell you that you’re still recording the video.

Apart from this, Emergency SOS enables Pixel users to easily call 911, share information with emergency contacts, or sound an alarm in times of crisis.

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