Google Fit update brings new health hub, sleep tracking metrics

A summary of metrics and your goals are available at a glance.

Google Fit’s latest update introduces a new centralized home screen with all your health-related info and more sleep tracking data. This update, available for both Android and iOS, also adds new tiles to the Wear OS smartwatch app for workouts, weather, and breathing exercises.

The revamped app shows new data points on the home screen, acting as a hub for all connected apps and devices. A summary of metrics and your goals are available at a glance. In addition, the new parts of the main page display sleep info, recent workouts, and weight and blood pressure trends over time.

The more comprehensive sleep tracker will show you more details like your nightly activity, sleep stages, and allow you to set a goal for bedtime.

And as for the new Wear OS tiles, users will see a bolder design and relevant information like forecast details, including precipitation, and weather alerts. In addition, the new Breathe Tile will provide guided breathing exercises to help you decompress with ease.

Google says that these updates will be rolling out over the next few days.

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