Google Assistant still in the spotlight at CES 2020


Google went all-out last year at CES, building a huge amusement park ride showcasing Google Assistant. This year, the virtual assistant remains the main highlight at the tech giant’s slightly less massive two-story booth.

At the booth, Google is showing off a new feature called, “Read It,” where you can ask Google Assistant on Android phones to read a webpage or an article out loud. This feature isn’t new on phones, but Google says the AI helper can read out text in 42 languages more naturally.

Here are other new AI functions the company announced at the big tech event:

  • Scheduled actions where users can ask for tasks to be done at certain times of the day.
  • Sticky Notes, which allows users to tell the Assistant to pin reminders to smart displays.
  • Speed dial, which lets users add phone numbers to a smart display’s lock screen and call the contacts through voice command.
  • Enhanced privacy control over the Assistant. Users can tell the assistant to delete previous commands or activity.
  • Interpreter mode, announced last year, will come to more of Google’s partners.

Google also announced that the Assistant is coming to more smart displays, speakers, headphones, and soundbars through its partner brands.

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