Google adds Baybayin, other indigenous scripts to Gboard

You can now send messages in Baybayin with Gboard.


Celebrating the end of Buwan ng Wika, Google yesterday unveiled native scripts Baybayin, as well as Buhid, Hanunuo, and Tagbanwa, as new additions to Gboard, its innovative keyboard app.


Gboard is an app that elevates regular messaging app keyboards with features such as Glide Typing and voice typing, along with GIFs, emojis, and more. With four newly added scripts, the virtual keyboard connects users to the country’s ethnic writing systems.


In addition to native scripts, Google introduced Cebuano to Word Lens, a feature within Google Translate that gives instant camera translation. Word Lens works by letting users hold their phone or mobile device in front of a signage in a signage, and then translation instantly overlays on the screen. The expanded 88 source languages include Cebuano and can be instantly translated into more than 100 languages.





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