Gmail app will soon let you make voice and video calls to your contacts


Gmail app users can soon give their coworkers and contacts a quick ring when an email or a scheduled meeting won’t meet their demands.

This direct calling feature was rolled out as part of the latest update of Workspace, Google’s office and communications software suite.

First reported by The Verge, the update allows users to call a contact via Google Meet, but inside the Gmail app. It will also send a “chip” to your computer if you’d rather answer on the larger screen.

Google’s launch of this feature is part of the company’s plans to make office chats more “spontaneous” in a hybrid work environment. That’s why it is also adding it to the Meet app in the near future.

Apart from that, Google has also introduced several other changes to Workspace. This includes a broader redesign of Gmail, as well as “spaces,” which Engadget describes as a renamed and expanded version of Rooms. Spaces, however, has full-threaded messages and the option of making spaces visible in search.

Google has also beefed up Workspace with improved admin and security tools, which makes switching between email, chats, spaces, and Meet easier and safer.

With the recent update, Workspace users can now specify whether you’re in-office or virtual on a given day, plus use the audiovisual hardware of a conference room in Meet using the app’s Companion mode.

While all these were already rolled out to enterprise users on Sept. 8, Gmail owners can expect to see changes every day later on.


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