Globe’s Data Manager lets you select which apps can consume mobile data


Do you know how much mobile data your apps use? Wonder no more.

Globe’s Data Manager, a feature in the GlobeOne app, provides Globe Prepaid and TM customers on Android a comprehensive understanding of their data consumption. It shows users their frequently used apps and lets them select which of those can consume data. This way, users can control how their mobile data is consumed.

Globe said that in some cases, customers are unaware that their data is being used up by background apps that continuously run even when closed, resulting in a perception that their data is being eaten up despite having no usage. This can be stopped by Data Manager, giving customers the assurance that their data will not be wasted but instead maximized.

GlobeOne is the go-to digital companion of customers for everything Globe—from tracking of data usage to paying their bills, subscribing to promos, and more.


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