Globe Digital Ventures introduces IVES voice solutions

Globe Telecom’s Digital Ventures highlights the importance of voice solutions for businesses at its digital conference.


The DV8: A Globe Digital Conference aimed to create conversation and awareness among key stakeholders in various industries. These range from IT-BPO, logistics, E-commerce, and retail industries. Moreover, DV8 showed benefits in transforming key operations with cutting-edge technologies such as using voice solutions like “IVES.”


IVES is an automated call-out system that delivers messages to target clients, helping businesses improve profitability and boost efficiency. With IVES, businesses can reduce manpower costs and save more. Instead of employing more people to make calls to customers, they can rely on IVES to do that.


“We want telecommunications to work for our business clients through a wide range of cost-efficient voice solutions,” said Glenn Estrella, Senior Vice President at Globe Digital Ventures. “We want to help them create a richer experience for their customers and at the same time provide them with solutions to address various pain points.”


Through IVES, businesses can schedule individual or bulk call-outs to their target recipients. In addition, the system enables them to create voice messages and check campaign status. Furthermore, this innovation can inform customers about the latest promos and offerings, remind them of due dates, and send out announcements.




Digital Ventures is Globe Telecom’s in-house digital enabler. This arm creates relevant solutions to help businesses shift towards digitization smoothly in a cost-effective way.


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