Get music on the go with musicanywhere’s wireless devices

Filipinos are constantly on the move, between work and meetings around the city and an active lifestyle on their free time. During these times they listen to music on their smartphones to pass time, stay motivated, or look for inspiration.

To keep up with the Filipinos’ fast-paced lives, musicanywhere entered in the Philippines and introduced their latest wireless products. The musicanywhere AD0503 earphones and the WA0809 headphones aim to provide high quality sound at an affordable price point.


Included in its Adrenaline Series earphone line, the AD0503 is the musicanywhere’s first product to hit the local market.

The AD0503 features Bluetooth 4.1 + APTX connectivity, remote with built-in microphone, an IPX4 rating, and micro-dynamic drivers. It also comes with magnetic ear buds and several other accessories to customize its fit in the ears.

These earphones has a durable built with a sleek and sporty design. And for only P2,500, the AD0503 already matches the sound of high-end brands. It is a perfect audio pair for workouts, commutes, and when driving on the road.


musicanywhere also launched the Wander Series headphone line, and the WA0809 is the first model in the series.

This pair of wireless headphones produce crystal clear sound for only P6,500. The WA0809 comes with an innovative “Wheel-Control-Design,” where instead of buttons, one just needs to simply turn the Wheel-Button forward or backward to adjust the volume or change the track.

The WA0809 also offers Bluetooth 4.2 + APTXLL connectivity, 300mAh Li-ion battery, built-in microphone, and AUX chord with remote. Featuring an all-black design, the WA0809 is a great option for late nights in the office, whole day study sessions, or long haul flights.

The musicanywhere AD0503 and WA0809 are available in any PC WORX store and on Lazada.


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