Get a haircut, massage, and more with just a few taps on your phone

These days, with the paralyzing traffic situation in Metro Manila, how you plan your day, where you go, what you prioritize, and all the other decisions you make is heavily hinged on convenience and what makes the most efficient use of time. Unfortunately, there are things that get pushed back for later because you have “more important things to do.” These include self-care and self-improvement.

Thankfully, with the help of technology, you can now get a haircut, blow dry, massage, and more with just a few taps on your phone.

SIF, the country’s first self-improvement app aggregator to offer grooming, beauty, wellness, and other services on demand, was built on the premise that convenience is no longer just a good-to-have, but a must-have for anyone trying to make the most of a busy day.

Aside from grooming services, SIF is now offering new categories such as Health, Nutrition, and Style, and is set to introduce Pets, Care, and Motors and Home in the coming months.

To get access to these services, one has to simply download the SIF app from the App Store and Google Play and browse through the menu. Here’s a 411 on all the different services one can find in the latest version of the SIF app:

  • Grooming and Beauty. Aside from offering the basic blow dry and haircut, SIF has partnered with Jesi Mendez Salon. You can choose either an in-house staff or a Jesi Mendez stylist for your hair and makeup needs. Currently, SIF offers 50% off on services by Aesthetica, a Jesi Mendez brand for slimming treatments, drips, fillers, and other aesthetic services.
  • Health and Nutrition. Nutritional counseling and lab tests for cholesterol, electrolyte, and more are accessible through SIF. Additionally, a holistic approach to understanding yourself and overcoming challenges in your life is offered by certified hypnotherapist Sapna Uttam.
  • Wellness. Get a relaxing foot massage, foot spa, fully body massage, Ventosa therapy, and hot stone massage right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Skills. Whether you’re a working professional climbing the corporate ladder or an aspiring basketball player, SIF experts can coach you through it. Hone your skills and realize your potential at your own pace by booking Executive Coach Paul Ruiz or former PBA player Rob Wainwright.
  • Fitness. Get a one-on-one training session with Martin Baldos, an instructor from Electric Studio. Private yoga sessions with Yoga Academics by Cinty is also available.
  • Style. Establish your signature look by getting your own stylist. Suits can either be bespoke or custom-made, both giving you control of fabric and other details that complement your personal style.

All these time-saving needs can be booked either on-demand or by appointment. To experience SIF, download the app now on either the App Store or Google Play and register. For updates, visit and follow SIF on Instagram at


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