GCash assists OFWs on financial literacy via Globe GoLearn


Overseas Filipino workers help drive the Philippine economy through remittances they send back home. Their remittances account for about 9% of the country’s gross domestic product.

However, given the ongoing pandemic, our modern-day heroes find themselves stricken by employment challenges. This is why financial literacy is crucial to secure their future and retirement.

Mobile wallet GCash seeks to impart knowledge on responsible remittance spending, and income management through the Globe GoLearn Program. GCash has lined up lessons on financial literacy to assist OFWs in goal planning and guide them in their journey toward financial stability.

“We, at GCash, want to thank you for everything you’ve done for the country and how you contribute to the economy,” said Martha Sazon, GCash President and CEO, during the Alagang GCash webinar with OFWs and their dependents held last September 10.

“But beyond these, we recognize how much each of you has sacrificed to provide better lives for your families and how you help them achieve their dreams. To honor the everyday sacrifices that you make, we want to let you know how GCash can make your lives a bit easier in return,” she added.

GCash enables OFWs to have an easy and convenient way to send money, pay bills, save, secure loans, invest in bonds and stocks, and even get health insurance all in one platform and in the safety of their homes.

One of the OFWs who graced the activity was Jelmar Angel Orig, an executive secretary working in Saudi Arabia for the past 13 years and doubles as a makeup artist and standup comedian during weekends.

Being the eldest of seven children, Orig supports the studies of his three siblings and GCash has been his partner in ensuring that they receive the much-needed funds safely and conveniently. “Nagpapadala ako sa kanila buwan-buwan using online remittance and gamit na gamit ko ang GCash kasi may mga emergency needs ang mga kapatid ko. Real-time nila natatanggap ang padala,” he said.

The webinar is part of GoLearn, Globe’s multi-wide platform for lifelong learners who aspire to further enrich their education through digital solutions and innovative technologies available.


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