GCash, Hero Foundation give support for families of fallen heroes

GCash seals its partnership with Hero Foundation to support families of military who lost their lives in the line of battle.


Driven by a shared vision, this collaboration aims to prop up families left behind by our fallen heroes. Because of realities our heroes’ dependents suffer, giving back is how we show gratitude to these people who lost their breadwinners. They face struggles including hunger, poverty, lack of proper education, and more.


The Hero Foundation has reached out to these orphans to give them a chance at getting a proper education. Moreover, the organization sponsors scholarship grants as their way of saying thanks to our heroes.


Now, GCash gives people who want to support this cause a fast, secure, and convenient way of giving back. Using QR codes, donations can now be made digitally. The next time you will spot a Hero Foundation donation box in malls, you’ll find an assigned QR code.


In part of GCash’s #GCashForGood campaign, this partnership will enable more individuals to support their causes conveniently.


“GCash will enable the foundation to accept donations via the QR technology and soon, through our App via the online bills payment. We hope this will increase their reach and help in their advocacy,” shared Anthony Thomas, CEO of Mynt, the company operating GCash. “This is very much aligned with our drive for financial inclusion in the country and our campaign for #GCashForGood.”


Join #GCashForGood and show your support for our heroes. To learn more, contact corpcomm@mynt.xyz.

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