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Brazen gaming Chair a

Game of thrones: Best gaming and office chairs from BraZen

Many of us spend our waking hours sitting on a chair. Office workers are tied to their desks from eight to five, with a few breaks here and there. Gamers, on the other hand, relegate most of their time in front of their computers and gaming rigs, perfecting their skills and advancing their levels. It can be boring and uncomfortable as time goes by. Still, it’s a necessary evil most of us have to deal with it.

But if you have to sit on a chair—whether by force or by choice—for the most part of your day, it better be the most comfortable eight to 12 hours of your day. BraZen Gaming Chair brings its latest line of gaming and office chairs that will take your sitting and seating to another level.

Scroll down and see which throne bets fits you and your space.


Shadow PC Gaming Chair

This gaming chair features a Material PU at the front and PVC at the back, accented by a breathable mesh. It also has a mesh padding on the armrest, reclines up to 35 degrees, and can carr ya load up to 120kg. The BraZen logos on both the headrest and seat cushion come in black/white colors with gold embroidery. The Shadow PC Gaming Chair comes with an 80mm Class 3 gas lift, 320mm nylon base, and 50mm nylon casters.

Priced at P13,625, the Shadow PC Gaming Chair is available in Black-Blue, Black-Red, and Black-White colorways.


Shadow Pro PC Gaming Chair

Similar to the Shadow PC Gaming Chair. the Shadow Pro PC features the same Material PU at the front and PVC at the back. However, it adds a foam padding to the breathable mesh on the backrest as well as on the armrest. Measuring 133cm in height, 68 cm in width, and 74cm in depth, this chair can take a load up to 120kg. The back support can tilt up to 150 degrees, and it comes with an 8cm Class 4 gas lift, 35cm back nylon base, and 5cm nylon casters.

It is available in Black-Blue, Black-Red, and Black-White variants, and retails for P22,715.


Sultan Elite PC Gaming Chair

Feel like a royal sitting on the Sultan Elite PC Gaming Chair with its PU and PV fabric seats. It has 4D arms and pedestal chair. This chair also comes with 50mm anti-skid castors, 100mm LANT 4 gas lift, and a nylon base.

You can get the Sultan Elite PC Gaming Chair in Black-White-Blue, Black-White-Green, Black-White-Red, or Black-White for P25,560.


Demon 2.1 Bluetooth and Wireless DAC

The Demon ups the ante of your desk entertainment with the 2.1—two speakers and one subwoofer—wireless audio mounted in the headrest. Pus, it features dedicated vibration motors, X Pro DC12V control panel, Wireless Digital Analog Converter transmitter, and Bluetooth functionality.

Overall it screams comfort and class with its mounted pedestal, deeply faux leather exterior, black PU for front and back, foam padding, and molded plastic gun arms.

The Demon 2.1 Bluetooth and Wireless DAC is available in Black for P34,075.


Stealth 4.0 Surround Sound Bluetooth

Another entertainment machine is the Stealth, which boasts a 4.0 Surround Sound. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, audio cables, and power adaptor. It has a butterfly mechanism, nylon castors, and class gas lift. The PU and PVC material of the seats are complemented by the black nylon base.

It’s available in Black-white-Blue, Black-White-Green, Black-White-Red, and Black-White. It is priced at P25,560.


Spirit DUO 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound

Imagine sitting on the Spirit DUO while playing your favorite game. The sound effects will surely come booming thanks to the two speakers and one subwoofer embedded on the chair. The separately controlled electric motor adds to the experience with their vibration feedback. Other features of this chair include Bluetooth connectivity, audio cables and adaptor, and X Pro DC12V 2amp control panel.

Designed for aged 6 and above, the Spirit DUO flaunts black and gray knitted fabric in front and on the sides with a red mesh in the center. There’s also the padded snake arms, black PVC for the back, and orange piping around the sides of the chair. The chair even has a pedestal base with swivel actions.

Available in Black-Gray-Red, the Spirit DUO 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound sells for P25,560.


Stag DUO 2.1 Surround Sound

The Stag DUO boasts two embedded speakers and one subwoofer. It has a 9V/1A target control panel, along with audio cables and adaptors.

This chair features black and gray mesh in front and on the sides, black PVC at the back, plastic-molded conventional style fixed arms, and black pedestal base. There’s a BraZen logo on the headrest, front of the seat, and on the control panel.

Coming in on Black-Gray, the Stag DUO 2.1 Surround Sound for P20,445.


Warrior 2.0 Surround Sound

With a 101cm height, 48cm width, and 79.5cm length, the Warrior 2.0 Surround Sound weighs 17.5kg. It sports a 2.0 wired audio, DC5V Bluetooth control panel, and audio cables and adaptors. There’s a black pedestal base, black PVC front and back material, and the BraZen logo embroidered on the headrest and the front of the seat.

The Warrior is available in Black for P20,445.


Sabre 2.0 Surround Sound

Aside from its 2.0 Wired Audio, this chair boasts its Euro DC 6V/1A control panel along with audio cables and EU/UK adaptor.

It measures 75cm in length, 42cm width, and 72cm height. The chair flaunts black, gray, and red mesh, plus a BraZen logo on the headrest.

It can be had for P11,355.

Know more about BraZen Gaming Chair. Visit or call 727-3233 and 725-3437.

Words Pat Calica


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