Fujitsu FD7 Car DashCam: Nightraider

I am pleased with how the Fujitsu FD7 Car DashCam performs, but not wowed enough to bring it up my shortlist of dash cameras.

You can’t go wrong with Full HD resolution. Coupled with the 180-degree viewing angle, the videos are recorded in a good size and ratio. Playback is smooth even when recorded at fast speeds. Fujitsu FD7 (1) It is essentially a WDR, or wide dynamic range, camera, which allows the FD7 to take in ample light. But just like IR dash cams, it also washes out the car plates directly in front because of the reflective surface. This sometimes makes it difficult to see the plate number. Fujitsu FD7 (3) With only a 250mAh battery, this dash cam won’t last for more than 30 minutes unplugged, but this allows you to take the camera with you if you need to continue recording outside of your car in case of an accident. A cigarette lighter adapter is provided in the box for continuous power. It’s not difficult to control the FD7. After plugging it into the car, it automatically turns on and starts recording. There’s a handy LED indicator light as well, and long pressing the “M” button lets you take still photos.

Review by John Sosmeña First published in Speed January 2016


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