Fujifilm launches 102-megapixel GFX100 in PH

Fujifilm’s much-awaited 102-megapixel large format camera, launched in Tokyo last May, finally arrives in Philippine shores. The GFX100 was first unveiled to select industry professionals, media, and VIP consumers last July 13 at the Illumination Studios in Makati.

Powerful performance

The GFX100 is a beast of a camera. The shooter is part of the GFX line, which is known for its large image sensor and producing images with richer tones, superior resolution, and advanced color reproduction.

Another feature that makes the new flagship model unique is its in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism. This bad boy gives advanced performance and greater flexibility in various shooting conditions. In addition, its autofocus speed is impressive.

The latest addition to the GFX line is also equipped with the X-Processor 4, Fujifilm’s latest image processing engine. The model can shoot uncropped 4K, and even switch aspect ratio. With a high-performance processor, the GFX100 can shoot 30fps in 4K video.

When it comes to shooting videos, this shutter produces premium-quality video footage. That’s becuase its sensor area measures about 49.5mm diagonally, a size bigger than the sensors adopted by high-end cinema cameras. This results in images and videos in outstanding high ISO performance, shallow depth-of-field capability, and wide tones.

A pro’s choice

At the new camera’s launch, photographers Zack Arias and Fujifilm X ambassador Jan Gonzales shared their experiences with the GFX100. Jan even showed the guests how good the large format camera captures images. Even on big screens and prints, the images were crisp.


“The GFX100 has reinvented the standard of a large format camera. The image quality and detail is just exceptional,” said Jan. “Its 16-bit RAW capability, fine color and tonal graduation is very apparent, making me work faster than ever before. Working with low light at lower shutter speeds still give me tack-sharp images through its IBIS mechanism. With its super-fast autofocus speed, it makes camera handling very convenient.”

A sample shot from Jan Gonzales taken with the Fujifilm GFX100.

The GFX100 retails for P599,990 (body only).

For more information, visit www.fujifilm.com and follow Fujifilm on Instagram and Facebook.

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