Five questions we want answered in The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Watch the new trailer here.

The Umbrella Academy season 1 left us with a huge cliffhanger. Last we saw the Hargreeves siblings, they were doing all they can to stop the impending apocalypse caused by (SPOILER ALERT!) their sister Vanya (Ellen Page). After failing to stop the end of the world, Five (Aiden Gallagher) decides to take the family back in time, which is where the first season ends.

Luckily, the wait is over for fans of the hit Netflix series. The Umbrella Academy is returning for a second season on July 31. Here are a few questions we can’t wait to see answered when the show returns:

The Hargreeves are back

1. Where (or when) will they be?

When the siblings time-traveled, they had a mission in mind: fix Vanya. We saw them turn back into teens in the season 1 finale so this might mean they’ll be transported a decade or two back. Will the whole season be set there with the Umbrella Academy as their younger selves the entire time? Or will our heroes be jumping from one era to another?

Vanya in Season 1

2. Will Vanya wake up evil?

Or at least wake up with memories of the events that lead to Armageddon? Let’s face it: the other Hargreeves—mainly Luther (Tom Hopper) and Diego (David Castañeda)—weren’t that welcoming when Vanya found out she had powers. Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was really the only one on Vanya’s side. Will their relationship be strained after all that?

Ben “The Horror” Hargreeves

3. How did Ben die?

The most mysterious Hargreeves, Ben (Justin H. Min), died at a young age. The show didn’t really touch on how he died, but we saw ghost Ben through Klaus’ (Robert Sheehan) powers. Will we see the young “Number Six” alive in the flesh in season 2?

Klaus in Season 2

4. What about the other babies born on October 1, 1989?

Sir Reginald Hargreeves only adopted seven of the kids born on October 1, 1989. There’s a total of 43 babies born inexplicably that day, so what happened to the rest of them? Do they have powers, too? We might be seeing more as more characters are said to be coming in the second season (some of them aren’t even in the comics version).

The Hargreeves without Five

5. Can the Hargreeves stop the apocalypse?

With another chance to fix things, will the Umbrella Academy stop the end of the world the second time around? Well, in case they do fail again, Five can time travel again, right?

The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix on July 31. Watch the trailer below:

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