Fitness apps to help you get your ideal body

Here’s a list of fitness apps to help you achieve your ideal figure.


In the Philippines where summer is basically eternal, you’re going to want to shed a few layers of clothing. Surely you would want to do that while looking amazing at the same time. To have that head-turner of a physique, you need to get your lifestyle in order, and have the right diet and fitness regimen, too. Here are four apps to help you make the most out of your workouts.



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Jog with  Nike+ Run Club   

The Nike+ Run Club is a workout-monitoring mobile app that tracks the length and distance of a jog. Having used these regularly for a while, I can attest to the motivating power of seeing a breakdown of how far you’ve gone on a jog. (That sharing this data on social media is available sort of helps, too.) If you like a bit of positive reinforcement, the 5.9 iPhone version of the app has added Audio Guided Runs, which lets you run with Nike athletes and coaches in guided workouts.


fitness apps

Gym in the living room with Sworkit

For those who are just embarking on their fitness journey, coming to gyms may prove a bit intimidating. And who could blame them? Working out is arduous enough without the added stress of a gym membership. Should that be the case, Sworkit is the app you need. Sworkit is an app that shows video workouts that you can perform at home. Users may choose from an array of fitness plans curated by personal trainers. Some of the plans are Yoga for Runners, 5-Minute Abs, Advanced Fully Body, and Daily Stretch.


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fitness apps

Get your freak on with Zombies, Run!

Nothing like a good-ol’ fright to jolt you into action. The Zombies, Run! App is an interactive app that will recreate a zombie invasion during a jog. The immersive app lets you be a hero who has to dash through a zombie-adventure tale; it’s complete with grim sound effects and zombie wailing that’ll keep you on your toes.



Plot the journey with Daily Burn

Before you can access over 20 programs and 1,000 workouts, Daily Burn users will need to complete an assessment. This will help you develop a fitness plan to your preference where you can have achievable goals.  Among the programs are dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga, and strength training. There is a communal element to Daily Burn, too — you may share your fitness journey to other users through a live chat and social media.


This story was originally published in Speed Magazine’s April 2019 issue. Words by Fidel Feria.


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