Filipino students advance to global finals of Shell’s Pitch the Future competition

Alamat UP will go against regional winners from both Europe and the Americas today.

Team Alamat UP from the University of the Philippines Diliman was crowned Asia’s Champions in Shell’s Pitch the Future and has advanced to the final stage of the competition. These students are tackling CO2 emissions in a way that helps users save on fuel costs through a mobile app.

Pitch the Future is part of a new Virtual League that Shell has integrated into its Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) program. This series of competitions has brought student teams from all over the world to solve real-world energy challenges.

Annually, SEM invites students to design, build, and operate some of the world’s most energy-efficient vehicles, bringing to life Shell’s mission of powering progress together with cleaner energy solutions.

“Our judges were hugely impressed by the great energy, innovative thinking, and creativity that the team brought to the competition. We are looking forward to their final presentation,” Norman Koch, Global General Manager, Shell Eco-marathon, said about Alamat UP.

The student team, comprised of nine students studying a range of disciplines, is one of three groups to make it to the global finals of the Tracking and Reducing CO2 Emissions from Vehicles challenge, which is supported by Microsoft.

Up for the challenge

For this particular challenge, the team designed the CO2 Emission Reduction Operation mobile app. Also known as CERO, this app helps users track both fuel consumption and resulting emissions.

Here are some of the app’s features:

  • Real-time eco-driving notifications
  • Optimal route mapping capabilities
  • After-trip analysis
  • Fuel consumption wallet for budgeting

Alamat UP will go against regional winners from both Europe and the Americas and present ideas live to a panel of industry experts on November 19 and 20. Shell will announce the winners on December 11.

More than 130 teams from across Asia, Europe, and the Americas submitted entries for one or more Pitch the Future challenges. A total of 13 teams were selected to advance to the finals in four challenge categories, with three finalists in each category and a wild card entry.

The top five entries per region per challenge will receive 25 Shell Eco-marathon Virtual League points. Winners will take home $750 plus 50 Virtual League points. Global winners will receive an additional $1,500 and 100 more Virtual League points.

Other challenges include Electric Vehicle Battery Recharging with Shell Recharge, Decarbonising the Home with Shell Energy, and Decarbonising Road Freight Transport with Shell Lubricants. Shell also partnered with Adobe to provide teams with access to Adobe Creative Cloud for six months.

Click here for more information and updates on Pitch the Future.

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