Fight your way through medieval mayhem with The Order: 1886, Bloodborne

Photo 2-4-15, 13 32 25It looks like Sony isn’t pulling any punches to establish the PlayStation 4 as the top gaming console choice in the Philippines this year. Sony has just recently launched in the country two of its most anticipated titles–The Order: 1886 by Ready At Dawn, and Bloodborne by FromSoftware. First introduced on February 4 at Imperium by Naito Arata, a representative of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, these titles are exclusive only to the PlayStation 4 and showcase the console’s graphical prowess and capabilities to the fullest.  The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate history London of magic and science where you take control of an elite group of knights against a myriad of mythological threats. With gorgeous graphics and superior physics only possible on the PlayStation 4, its in-game engine exceeds all expectations in delivering a high-fidelity cinematic experience. Practically the entire game looks like pre-rendered CGI, but surprisingly running in real-time on the fly. And while primarily a single-player experience, developer Ready at Dawn’s storytelling pedigree from its God of War days should put any doubts to rest as you journey with protagonist Galahad and company. Hitting stores on February 20, the standard edition of The Order: 1886 will be priced at P2,499 while the PS4 console bundle pack with the game is at P22,699. Purchasing the PS4 bundle will also net you a free exclusive t-shirt emphasizing one of the game’s more unique firearms, the Arc Rifle. Meanwhile, FromSoftware’s Bloodborne is a more close-up affair with greater emphasis on melee and down-and-dirty combat as you fight to survive the terrors and tribulations in the city of Yharnam. Taking on the role of a hunter, you wield a variety of twisted medieval weaponry as you bludgeon your way to unearth the mysteries of the city and its denizens. Don’t be fooled, though. The monstrosities in your way are not only relentless but also no pushovers by any means, particularly those towering over dozens of feet tall. Fortunately, cooperative play with other hunters help even the odds. Photo 2-4-15, 13 04 14 Bloodborne will go on sale March 28, with preordering available from February 18 to March 23. The standard edition will cost P2,499, while the Limited Hunter Edition (which comes with a special artbook and collectible steelbook case) will be priced at P3,299. A PS4 console bundle pack Will also be available at P21,890. Preordering will also get you a limited edition Letter Opener mini-replica of the Sword-Hammer, one of Bloodborne’s more exotic melee armaments. Photo 2-4-15, 11 37 25 You can buy and preorder these two amazing titles at PlayStation Authorised Dealers and Sony Stores. For a list of dealers and stores, please visit Words Erik Paolo Escueta


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