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Lenovo tech predictions

These are Lenovo’s tech predictions for 2019

Of all the uncertainties we encounter in life, only one thing remains constant–change. Humans and societies change; we constantly evolve and adapt to our environment and the latest in technology. In recent years, everything around us have become smarter–phones, TVs, appliances, PCs, and more. This 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation, immersion into extended realities, and other tech will inch closer than ever before.


Prediction # 1: Smarter spaces

With everything getting smarter, what’s next for the coming year? Lenovo’s user experience team uncovered that saving time, creating comfort, and enabling authentic human connections are what people value most in their technology. 2019 will focus on making tech more efficient for core human needs like for working spaces.

Smart conference rooms and smart vending solutions are a few trends that Lenovo predicts especially now with more younger and tech-savvy individuals are joining the work force. They need and want workplaces where tech, space, and culture merge together.


Prediction #2: The spread of IoT, AI, and AR/VR across industries

The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) are hot industry topics. Immersion into extended realities is very intriguing and Lenovo predicts that extended reality will reach industry such as medicine, education, and retail.

In the healthcare field, AR/VR can be used to let patients receive diagnosis without having to visit hospitals or give patients visualizations for procedures to reduce anxiety. IoT and AI can be utilized to reduce emergency waiting room lines, detecting and diagnosing tumors, and enabling remote health care and monitoring.

VR in classrooms have the potential to immerse students in different experiences like a virtual field trip to space or to other continents.

In retail, IoT offers new ways to enhance retail with new tech in real-time pricing, inventory management, and customer analytics.


Prediction #3: AR for fun and function

While VR has made its mark in gaming, journalism, film-making, education, sports and music, AR’s capabilities show potential for greatness as well. With the advent of 5G, AR can provide remote assistance, object recognition, workflow builders and more.

AR has prospects in making meaningful impact on businesses. For instance, with AR, manufacturing industry can provide field-workers with real-time data that helps reduce errors and improve accuracy, safety and quality as well as remote assistance.

Moreover, Lenovo predicts that there will be a rise in demand for more hardware/software agnostic solutions.


Prediction #4: Heightened security

Keeping private information should not just be a trend; it should be a must especially as AI platforms are becoming targets of cyber criminals.

Online platforms and smartphone manufacturers have adopted the trend of two-factor and multi-factor authentication on personal devices, and Lenovo predicts that this will continue to grow to enable safer authentication.


What tech trends do you think we’ll see in 2019?

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